Introducing Washington University in St. Louis Nephrology Web Series

Tim Yau, MD, Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology, has rolled out a Timothy-Yau-MDnew video series aimed at teaching clinical nephrology to trainees in a web-friendly way. The first episode illustrates a case of nephrotic syndrome and features discussant and second-year fellow Rajesh Rajan, MD, and Joseph Gaut, MD, PhD, section head of Renal Pathology. They are given typical information that a renal pathologist would receive with a new biopsy, and they discuss the pathologic findings, devise a differential diagnosis and ultimately both the pathologic diagnosis, clinical diagnosis, treatment and follow up. This  series is an exciting new educational initiative and future episodes will include clinico-pathologic cases, renal jeopardy and more. Stay tuned, and subscribe to the the official WU Nephrology Youtube Channel!