One thing you realize after graduating from WashU St. Louis, is that the level of nephrology training is par excellence! It will prepare you well to practice in any part of the world. During fellowship, you strike the perfect balance between clinical work and academics. Fellows get excellent exposure to all types of renal pathology, kidney transplantation, AKI, Dialysis, PD and home hemodialysis. Its a great place to work and learn. – Sagar Gupta, MBBS, Faridabad, India

I cannot imagine a better place to have trained in nephrology. The range of pathology and acuity provided abundant learning opportunities. The faculty and staff are focused on the fellows’ education and professional development. – Laura Hesemann, MD

I remain thankful for my training and experiences at Wash U. It was nice to go right into a busy private practice with the skill set to succeed. – Harry Giles MD, NAPC Birmingham, AL

My participation in the Washington University training program in Nephrology prepared me for a career in clinical nephrology with a strong background in both clinical applications of basic nephrology principles as well as a deep-seated foundation in basic science research and its applicability in “bench-to-bedside” advances. The critical thinking skills, research background, and emulation of the clinical and scientific excellence of my Washington University Renal Division faculty mentors have helped me become a strong clinical nephrologist and partner in my practice and medical community. – Gopa B. Green, MD, Santa Rosa, CA

It was the best thing that happened to me in my entire medical training. Very thankful to all great teachers. – Sreedhara Alla, MD

I’m very glad I trained at Wash U, had an amazing experience and education from the very finest physicians. Thank you. – Bhavani Adusumilli, MD

My training at Wash U was one of the best experiences in my life. It was a very difficult time but now that I’m done, I look back with fond memories. Many of the nephrologists in my city had inadequate training, especially in PD and home hemo.

It was a good experience training at Wash U. The volume and Pathology exposure really prepared me for any type of practice. – Mansumeet Singh, MD

I have been employed in a private nephrology since completing my fellowship in June 2004. Participation in the nephrology training program at Washington University in St. Louis established a strong foundation for my career in nephrology. Because of my training at Washington University in St. Louis, I feel comfortable tackling all aspects of nephrology, ranging from ICU care, general outpatient nephrology, renal transplant care, or procedures such as kidney biopsies and dialysis access. – Mark Staniforth, MD