Maryam Saleem, MBBS, Renal Fellow 2020-2022

My journey at WashU Nephrology has been a total joy.  For me, finding a family-oriented program was a top priority and I am glad I made the right choice.  If you are looking for work-life balance, immense support, great working/leaning environment, patient diversity, opportunities for research, WashU is the place for you.  The training at WashU makes you a feel confident and ready to step into your career, whether it’s academic nephrologist or a private practice nephrologist.  Coming from the Northeast, I found St. Louis to be a hidden gem.  Such a budget-friendly, beautiful city with so much to do, especially if you have kids.”

Gaurav Rajashekar, MD, Renal Fellow 2020-2022

The WashU Nephrology Fellowship Program provides a well-rounded training experience.  From managing critical cases in the ICU, various glomerular diseases, extensive ESRD training, complicated electrolyte cases to well-structured continuity clinics, it prepares you to be a prolific nephrologist.  The faculty are fantastic and have an open-door policy.  There is a wide variety of mentorship, and the leadership are approachable.  I owe the program for motivating me to pursue transplant nephrology.  St. Louis is my home now, a wonderful Midwestern culture!  Forest Park is a gateway into another world.  St Louis has a small town feel for a big city.” 

2020 Nephrology Fellow

Hassaan Iftikhar, MD, Renal Fellow 2020-2022

Saint Louis is one gem of a city – very underrated.  We had a great time here. WashU Nephrology is awesome and the core fellowship faculty advocates greatly for the fellows.  If I had to do Nephrology fellowship over again, I would choose this place.” 

Bharat Neelam Raju, MD, Renal Fellow 2020-2022

I feel that my time here has given me an excellent fund of knowledge and experience and I feel confident going out in the community and delivering what is arguably the best possible care I could have ever wanted.  The faculty here have been amazing and very knowledgeable and gave us an all-round experience throughout our time here.  Finally, St. Louis is a good city.  It has an urban feel and has great suburban areas for all types of people and cultures.  I am really thankful to be part of this amazing University and Division.

Karen Flores, MD, Transplant Fellow 2021-2022

During my transplant nephrology fellowship, I was able to work with brilliant and supportive faculty, and I was also fortunate to have encountered many interesting cases in transplant nephrology.”

Mohamed “Mo” Ibrahim, MD, Transplant Fellow 2021-2022

When I first came to the program, I liked transplant … now I love it!  My program director, Dr. Rowena Delos Santos, did not spare any effort (along with the other attendings) to make sure the fellows got the best education possible. She always watched our back and was there for me whenever needed.”

Sagar Gupta, MBBS, Renal Fellow 2014-2016, Transplant Fellow 2016-2017

One thing you realize after graduating from WashU St. Louis, is that the level of nephrology training is par excellence! It will prepare you to practice in any part of the world. During fellowship, you strike the perfect balance between clinical work and academics. Fellows get excellent exposure to all types of renal pathology, kidney transplantation, AKI, Dialysis, PD and home hemodialysis. Its a great place to work and learn.”

Laura Hesemann, MD, Renal Fellow 2013-2015, and family

“I cannot imagine a better place to have trained in nephrology. The range of pathology and acuity provided abundant learning opportunities. The faculty and staff are focused on the fellows’ education and professional development.”

Gopa Green, MD, Renal Fellow 2000-2003, With division faculty member Anitha Vijayan at 2019 ASN Division of Nephrology’s Friends and Alumni Reception

My participation in the Washington University training program in Nephrology prepared me for a career in clinical nephrology with a strong background in both clinical applications of basic nephrology principles as well as a deep-seated foundation in basic science research and its applicability in “bench-to-bedside” advances. The critical thinking skills, research background, and emulation of the clinical and scientific excellence of my Washington University Renal Division faculty mentors have helped me become a strong clinical nephrologist and partner in my practice and medical community.”

Mansumeet Singh, MD, Renal Fellow 2013-2015

It was a good experience training at WashU. The volume and Pathology exposure really prepared me for any type of practice.”

Bhavani Adusumilli, MD, Renal Fellow 2012-2014

I’m very glad I trained at WashU – had an amazing experience and education from the very finest physicians. Thank you.

It was the best thing that happened to me in my entire medical training. Very thankful to all the great teachers.

Sreedhara Alla, MD, Renal Fellow 2006-2008

I remain thankful for my training and experiences at WashU. It was nice to go right into a busy private practice with the skill set to succeed.

Harry Giles, MD, Renal Fellow 2002-2005

I have been employed in a private nephrology since completing my fellowship in June 2004. Participation in the nephrology training program at Washington University in St. Louis established a strong foundation for my career in nephrology. Because of my training at Washington University in St. Louis, I feel comfortable tackling all aspects of nephrology, ranging from ICU care, general outpatient nephrology, renal transplant care, or procedures such as kidney biopsies and dialysis access.

Mark Staniforth, MD, Renal Fellow 2001-2004