We treat a variety of kidney-related diseases in our clinics:

Kidney Stone Clinic

We offer a multidisciplinary approach to the management, treatment, and prevention of kidney stones.

The clinic brings together the expertise of two disciplines to provide a convenient, single point-of-care for patients. Patients can make one appointment and see both a urologist and nephrologist, if needed.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Clinic

We specialize in the care of patients with this common genetic disease, which affects more than 12 million people worldwide.

The focus of this clinic encompasses not only kidney manifestations, but also includes the management of hypertensive, liver, and vascular complications of PKD.

Onco-Nephrology Clinic

We provide nephrology sub-specialty consultation for cancer survivors and patients undergoing therapy for cancer. The full spectrum of kidney-related services is offered for hypertension, fluid and electrolyte disorders, chronic kidney disease, glomerular disease, acute kidney injury and genetic abnormalities.

Nephrotic Syndrome Clinic

We dedicate our clinical and research resources to investigating underlying molecular mechanisms of proteinuria, evaluating genotype-phenotype correlations, identifying disease-progression biomarkers, and designing innovative, mechanism-based clinical trials.

Our mission is to develop individualized and highly targeted treatments to cure proteinuric kidney disease in the era of genomic and precision medicine.

Glomerular Clinic of Excellence

Glomerular diseases are a well-recognized cause of chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease. The diseases are rare and require highly specialized care.

We have a team of nephrologists with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of glomerular diseases as well as in the management of therapy-related complications.

Subspecialty clinics include:
-WashU Lupus Center
-Vasculitis Clinic
-Amyloid Center of Excellence

Pediatric-to-Adult Nephrology Transition Clinic

For a young patient with chronic kidney disease, the transition from pediatric to adult renal care systems can be difficult and challenging and can result in great anxiety for the families involved.

The Pediatric-to-Adult Nephrology Transition Clinic strives to make the transition less traumatic. The goal is to help guide young adults in the management of their own renal health care.

A highly personalized plan of care is devised for each patient.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Nephrology Clinic

We provide and coordinate multi-specialty care for women experiencing kidney-related complications or diseases either before or during pregnancy.

The clinic sees patients with conditions such as chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease, diabetes, lupus, preeclampsia, proteinuria, or Alport Syndrome.

Autosomal Dominant Tubulointerstitial Kidney Disease (ADTKD) Clinic

ADTKD is a genetic form of renal fibrosis, leading to chronic kidney disease (CKD). Due to lack of a distinctive clinical feature and absence of diagnostic tests other than genetic testing, the prevalence of ADTKD is significantly underestimated.

The ADTKD Clinic will work closely with patients, patient organizations, pharmaceutical companies and international ADTKD consortiums to find the optimal treatment for ADTKD.