Read about some of our incredible alumni:

Thomas Pohlman, MD

Nephrology Fellow, 1979-1981
Nephrology Faculty, 1981-1983

Gopa Green, MD

Nephrology Fellow, 2000-2003

Donald Kohan,

Nephrology Fellow, 1985-1987
Nephrology Faculty, 1987-1990

Judy Jang, MD

Nephrology Fellow 2010-2012
Nephrology Faculty 2012-2016

Laura Hesemann, MD

Nephrology Fellow 2011-2015

Giselle Kohler, MD

Nephrology Fellow, 2013-2015

Subramaniam Pennathur, MD

Nephrology and Transplantation Fellow, 1999-2001

Didier Portilla, MD

Nephrology Fellow, 1984-88

Mabel Purkerson, MD

Former Faculty, Division of Nephrology, 1966-1998

Brad Rovin, MD

Nephrology Fellow 1986-1988

James Shayman, MD

Fellow, Pharmacology and Nephrology, 1983-1986

Jerome Tannenbaum MD, PhD

Former Nephrology Fellow

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