Renal Pathology YouTube Episode #2 Released

Timothy-Yau-MDTim Yau, MD, Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology, has rolled out a second teaching video aimed at presenting renal pathology concepts to nephrology trainees in a web-friendly way. The first episode illustrated a case of nephrotic syndrome and features discussant and second-year fellow Rajesh Rajan, MD, and Joseph Gaut, MD, PhD, section head of Renal Pathology. This episode has been viewed more than 750 times already. In the second episode, Dr. Gaut and second-year fellow Pranjal Sharma, MD discuss a new case. This  series is an exciting new educational initiative and future episodes will include clinico-pathologic cases, renal jeopardy and more. Stay tuned, and subscribe to the the official WU Nephrology Youtube Channel! The Washington University Nephrology Pathology Series is endorsed by the Renal Fellow Network, AJKDblog and NephronPower.