At our Glomerular Center of Excellence, diagnosing and treating glomerular diseases is a collaborative effort involving our team of nephrologists, pathologists and coordinators.

Patients with glomerular diseases receive care from our multi-disciplinary group of specialists with the mission of improving patient outcomes through comprehensive patient care, education and research.


Tingting Li, MD, MSCI, FASN

Director, Glomerular Center of Excellence

Ying Chen, MD, PhD

Director, of Nephrotic Syndrome Clinic

Anuja Java, MD

Director, Kidney Transplant John Cochran VA Medical Center


Joseph Gaut, MD, PhD

Division Chief, Anatomic and Molecular Pathology

Nidia Messias, MD

Pathology & Immunology

Research Coordinator

Michelle Bloom, BSN, RN

Research Nurse Coordinator

We offer both in-person and virtual Care