Congratulations to Renal Division Length of Service Award Recipients

Congratulations! The following 19 individuals from the Renal Division recently received Length of Service Awards from the Department of Medicine. We congratulate them all for their sustained contributions to the University and are proud to have them as part of the Renal Division team.

10-Year Service Awards:

  • Donald Jeffries, BJH Dialysis
  • Orin Arthur Jethroe, BJH Dialysis
  • Felice Flowers, Kidney Center
  • Mark A. Harris, Kidney Center
  • Eric James, Kidney Center
  • Rebecca M. Cusanelli, Renal
  • Cathy Lynn Scales, Renal

10-year awardees

15-Year Service Awards:

  • Susan Dombek, Kidney Center
  • Kimberly Ann Pulliam, Kidney Center
  • Gloriosa K. Go, Renal
  • Lisa Ann Koester, Renal

20-Year Service Awards:

  • Cheryl WIlliams Land, Renal

25-Year Service Awards:

  • Karen Denise Kirk, BJH Dialysis
  • Kimberly Laine Knolhoff, Renal

25-year awardees

30-Year Service Awards:

  • Patrick David Hasamear, Kidney Center

30-year awardees

35-Year Service Awards:

  • Gwendolyn Moore, Kidney Center
  • Kathryn E. York, Kidney Center
  • Jeanette Cunningham, Renal
  • Daryl Sue Louzader, Renal

35-year awardees