Division of Nephrology and CRM Partner for Human Stem Cells

The Center of Regenerative Medicine, in partnership with the Division of Nephrology, is now accepting applications that advance investigation of human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) differentiation toward kidney. Over the last two years, kidney has become a model for the directed differentiation of hPSC to complex structures (Xia 2013, Taguchi 2014, Takasato 2014, Takasato 2015). The purpose of this funding program is to provide resources for projects that generate reagents and/or advance investigation of kidney organoid differentiation from hPSC.

This grant is aimed at junior faculty and senior postdoctoral fellows, but senior PIs are also eligible if their proposal takes their lab into a new direction. Awardees must hold either a faculty or postdoctoral fellowship position at Washington University in St. Louis and be members of the Center of Regenerative Medicine. There is no specific citizenship requirement.

Download the RFA