Goodbye and Hello

CakeWhen the hallway flooded because of a leaking pipe last week, who was the first person we notified? Lynn. What do we do when a package that was absolutely, positively guaranteed to arrive today… but didn’t? We tell Sue. Lynn Wesselmann (Research Administrator) and Daryl Sue Louzader (Purchasing Supervisor) find solutions to the problems, big and small, that crop up unexpectedly and usually at the most inopportune moment. The Division of Nephrology has been lucky to have these two dedicated women taking care of problems for, well, a long time. Lynn has been with the division for 25 years (and a total of 39 years with Washington University) and Sue has been with the division for 24 years (and a total of 34 years with Washington University)!

Now, however, we are bidding Lynn and Sue farewell and wishing them a happy and exciting retirement! We hope they know much they will be missed.


Daryl Sue Louzader (left) and Lynn Wesselmann …. Best wishes on your retirement!

Yet, as we say goodbye to our friends, we are also giving a warm welcome to the new people joining our division. Hatice Goshtaiy is our new Research Administrator, Virginia Kelly is the new Office Coordinator, and Celia Dehn is the new Sr. Department Accounting Assistant. We look forward to seeing Hatice, Virginia and Celia settle in for a long and rewarding relationship! Welcome.


Virginia Kelly (left), Hatice Goshtaiy (center), Celia Dehn (right) Welcome to the Division of Nephrology!