Renal Staff Microgrant Winner3: Decreasing Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections

Bloodstream infections can be deadly in dialysis patients. Three times per week, patients on hemodialysis have their blood accessed in order to undergo dialysis, either through a fistula or through a catheter. The latter are especially susceptible to infection. A team consisting of Patty Anderson RN, Nurse Administrator and Lori Gawat-Abuelo RN, Staff Nurse II has been awarded a microgrant for their proposal to reduce bloodstream infections.

The team will purchase a special type of cap for indwelling catheters that bathes the tip of the catheter in 70% alcohol, which prevents bacteria from growing. These caps, Curos Caps, are effective against Staph Aureus, Staph Epidermis, E-Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Candida Glabrata, and Candida Albicans. The Forest Park Kidney Center currently has 31 patients who dialyze by catheter, and they will all receive these caps for 8 consecutive months in 2016. The rate of cather-related bloodstream infections will be calculated, and compared to the overall rate in 2015. The team hopes for a 50% reduction in bloodstream infections, which would translate into substantial medical cost savings from prevented admissions, as well as improved quality of life for the patients.