Goldberg and Mahjoub Awarded Nephrology Translational Innovation Grant

Assistant Professors of Medicine Moe Mahjoub, PhD and Seth Goldberg, MD, are recipients of the 2016 Translational Innovation Grant, awarded by Division of Nephrology in the sum of $50,000. The winning proposal, entitled Midbody Accumulation and Secretion in Polycystic Kidney Disease, aims to define how defects in components of the cell cytoskeleton contribute to the […]

Call for 2016 Translational Innovation Grant Proposals

The Renal Division is now accepting applications for its 2016 Translational Innovation Grant. The purpose of this funding program is to provide resources for collaborative research projects between basic and clinical investigators within the Division of Nephrology. Last year’s winners are profiled here. Successful proposals will feature a well-crafted plan for a research project that represents […]