A Christmas Poem (about Bingo)

While spending time at Forest Park Kidney Center this week, Thomas F. Gowen, RN, the current Nurse Manager of our Village Square Dialysis Center, found inspiration for a poem: “This center knows how to get the patients involved and have a good time!” says Gowen.  “So. Many.  Smiles!!! The Christmas Bingo event is popular with […]

New Routines Create a New Normal – Dialysis Units Adapt to COVID-19

New Routines “I can hear the staff on the floor laughing and joking today … so it is a good day!” says Tom Gowen, RN, nurse manager of Washington University’s North County Dialysis Center, when asked how the dialysis unit was adapting  to the COVID-19 crisis.  While it cannot be overstated how much has changed […]

Dr. Frank O’Brien Receives BJH Grant to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rate of Dialysis Patients

Dr. Frank O'Brien

Congratulations to Frank O’Brien, MD, assistant professor of medicine, Division of Nephrology, who is the recipient of a Project Award from The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  Dr. O’Brien, received the two-year, $120,000/year award to integrate the care of WashU dialysis patients while admitted to BJH and devise a personalized transitional care protocol to prevent hospital […]