Drs. Jeannine Basta and Brian Wong Awarded Center of Regenerative Medicine Kidney Disease Early Investigator Seed Grants

Jeannine Basta, PhD, Assistant Professor of Research in the Division of Nephrology, and Brian Wong, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, are recipients of the inaugural seed grants awarded through the partnership of the Division of Nephrology and the Center of Regenerative Medicine (CRM) at Washington University in St. Louis. The grants are funding projects that focus on kidney disease and regenerative medicine.

Jeannine Basta, PhD, Assistant Professor of Research, Division of Nephrology

Dr. Basta has been with WashU Nephrology since 2018 (see more here). Her project is titled The role of SWI/SNF component Brg1 in chromatin regulation of proximal tubule cells after AKI.  

Dr. Wong’s project is titled Enhancing lymphangiogenesis to improve kidney allograft survival.  “This project aims to validate a novel kidney transplant model in mice developed at WashU, and to utilize it to investigate the role of lymphatic vessels in chronic kidney allograft rejection,” says Wong.

Brian Wong, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

The $20,000, one-year grants are open to WashU postdoctoral fellows, instructors, or early-career assistant professors who have not yet received significant independent funding (K01 and K08 awardees are eligible). 

Congratulations, Drs. Basta and Wong!