Best Wishes, Vicky Stringer

group-picThe Division of Nephrology would like to wish Vicky Stringer, L.C.S. W., all the best in her retirement. Vicky has been both a dialysis center social worker and renal clinic social worker over the 24 years that she has been with the division.

Vicky has served on the board of the National Kidney Foundation for 11 years. Most recently, she was a member of two separate teams to receive the 2016 Renal Staff Microgrants, Home Blood Pressure Program for Low Income Renal Clinic Patients and Improving Patient Education in the Renal Clinic.

“Working in the renal division has been life changing,” says Vicky. “I have been so enriched by patients’ courage when facing a chronic illness. And the kindness and patience of the staff is so  inspirational. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work here. I will miss everyone!”

Many thanks to Vicky for her dedication and hard work, and best wishes for a well-deserved retirement.

The accompanying pictures give us a pretty good indication how Vicky will be spending her time!