Division of Nephrology Length of Service Milestones

Much has changed in clinical care and research at Washington University and the Division of Nephrology over the past several decades. Just ask our employees who have witnessed many of those changes! Yes, it’s that time of year when the Division of Nephrology acknowledges our employee Length of Service Milestones.   Whether you are celebrating 5 years or 35 years of service, we appreciate your hard work, dedication and loyalty. Each employee makes a difference, and your efforts have made our Division a leader in medicine, science and education. Thank you.

Svc Awards

Division of Nephrology Length of Service Milestone Luncheon, June 20, 2016

5 year:

Rachael Gregory, RN, Forest Park Kidney Center

Brenda Leverett, Billing Department

Carmelita Malone, Forest Park Kidney Center

Kyuhwan Shim, Research

10 year:

Pauline Estopare, Chromalloy Kidney Center

Shawna McMichael, RN, Forest Park Kidney Center

Meei- Hua Lin, Research

Jock Whited, Chromalloy Kidney Center

15 year:

Natalia Kochergina, Forest Park Kidney Center

Patricia Randolph, Billing Department

20 year:

Jodean Baldauf, Administration

Jamie Hager, Billing Department

25 year:

Vicky Haldaman, RN, Chromalloy Kidney Center

30 year:

Cynthia Ritter, Research

35 year:

Patrician Anderson, RN, Forest Park Kidney Center

Jean Audrain, Clinical Research Coordinator