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Dr. Karen Flores, Graduate of WashU Nephrology Transplant Training Program, Joins Nephrology Faculty

New faculty member Karen Flores, MD, is a graduate of our WashU Transplant Training Program.

The Division of Nephrology welcomes Karen Marie G. Flores, MD, who joined our faculty as Assistant Professor of Medicine on September 1, 2022.  She is a 2022 graduate of our Transplant Training Program.

Dr. Flores came to WashU from the nephrology fellowship program at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Columbus.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Trinity University of Asia – St. Luke’s College of Nursing in Quezon City, Philippines, and her medical degree from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine in Manila.  She completed her residency at Philippine General Hospital

It was during her internal medicine residency at Philippine General Hospital, the largest tertiary hospital in the Philippines serving indigent patients, that Dr. Flores developed an interest in nephrology.  Many of her patients’ resources were so limited that they often had to pay the cost of diagnostics and treatment out of their own pockets.  Flores often volunteered in fundraising activities so that her patients could afford to undergo a kidney biopsy or receive a temporary dialysis catheter.  

When Flores sought further clinical training as a renal fellow at Wexner Medical Center, she was captivated by transplant nephrology and inspired to advance the practice of nephrology back in the Philippines.

“Witnessing an ESRD patient getting a kidney transplant and leaving the hospital with a new breath of life brought me joy,” she says.  “Every time I see a transplanted patient doing well, I see hope for my patients back home.” 

Commenting on her time as a transplant fellow, Flores says, “I was able to work with brilliant and supportive faculty, and I was also fortunate to have encountered many interesting cases in transplant nephrology.”  Her transplant fellowship gave her the opportunity to be involved in several research projects; see here for a list of her publications/presentations.

Flores’ clinical interests include the prevention and treatment of kidney transplant rejection and infectious complications in transplantation. 

When not working, Karen enjoys playing tennis and traveling.

On Twitter, follow Dr. Flores @KFlowyMD and keep up with our Division @WUNephrology.