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Dr. Reena Gurung Joins WashU Nephrology Faculty

Dr. Reena Gurung
Reena Gurung, MD

The Division of Nephrology welcomes Reena Gurung, MBBS, as she joins our faculty as Assistant Professor on September 1, 2021.  Dr. Gurung is a graduate of our Nephrology Fellowship Program.

Dr Gurung earned her medical degree from the School of Medical Sciences, Kathmandu University in Nepal.  She completed an internal medicine residency at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield.  Subsequently, she served four years as a Hospitalist Attending here at Barnes-Jewish Hospital before enrolling in the Loyola University Nephrology Fellowship, Chicago, IL.  

Gurung transferred to WashU’s Nephrology Fellowship Program in 2020. During her second year of fellowship, she had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Virtual Glomerular Disease Fellowship held by GlomCon, the Glomerular Disease Study and Trial Consortioum.

She will be joining the community-based practice group with Manasa Metireddy, MD and Jim Davis, MD. Gurung will take consults at Barnes-Jewish West County and Christian Hospital. The group also takes care of patients with kidney disease in various dialysis units across the St Louis area. Additionally, she will be on service at Barnes-Jewish Hospital for general nephrology. She believes her new role will provide her with the unique experience of practicing in both community-based and academic settings.

Gurung describes her nephrology fellowship experience in a poem that was recently published in the August 2021 edition of ASN Kidney News Online.

A Fellow’s Reflection

Late nights and early mornings
Days infused with caffeine and steep learning
Hi, it’s renal, what is the reason for calling?
Lytes awry, hematuria, proteinuria and allograft rejecting;
Uremia, hypervolemia, anuria, will you be dialyzing?

Crescents, mesangial, endocapillary cells insane,
Beauties are spikes and pinholes, on the silver stain
ALMS, Euro-Lupus, BLISS-LN, now Voclosporine,
Seriously, what else is in the making?

Case conference, journal club, grand round, CPC broadcasting
you name it, we did it, with the virtual platforming
Unlearn and re-learn, then teach and learn,
the entire journey, certainly quite humbling

Through late nights and early mornings
Procedures galore and urine spinning
Through cases common, others rare,
and everything in-between,
past couple of years, nothing short of amazing!

In her down time, Gurung enjoys reading, being outdoors and traveling.

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