Dr. Will Ross to Serve on St Louis Zoo Commission

Will Ross, MD, elected to St. Louis Zoo Commission (photo from a prior YouTube interview)

Professor of Medicine Will R. Ross, Division of Nephrology, has been elected to a four-year term on the St. Louis Zoological Park Subdistrict Commission.  The commission, which is the governing authority for the Saint Louis Zoo, has the fiduciary responsibility for the well-being of the Zoo.

The Zoo, renowned for its innovative approaches to animal management, wildlife conservation, research and education, was recently voted Best Zoo and America’s Top Free Attraction.  Over 16,000 animals, many of them are rare and endangered, are in the Zoo’s care.  Approximately 3 million visitors visit the Zoo annually.

Being part of the commission entrusted with fulfilling the Zoo’s mission holds a special meaning for Dr. Ross.

Shere Khan, from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book

“When my oldest daughter, Merris, was two years old, she was convinced that one of the tigers at the St. Louis Zoo was Shere Khan, from The Jungle Book,” says Ross.  “That precious memory is why I believe the St. Louis Zoo, a true national treasure, should remain free and accessible to individuals from all walks of life.”

A long-time promoter of cultural diversity throughout the Washington University medical center, Dr. Will Ross now serves as Principal Officer for Community Partnerships, an expansion of his role as Associate Dean for Diversity at WU.

“I hope to use my time on the St. Louis Zoo Commission to continue championing its commitment to diversity and inclusion,” says Ross.  To read more about Dr. Ross’ many accomplishments and service to the St. Louis community, see here.

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