Farewell to Postdoctoral Fellow Kohei Omachi

Group photo of the Jeff Miner lab’s going away party for Kohei Omachi and his family, held on Super Bowl Sunday. Kohei, front row holding his daughter.

WashU Nephrology bids a heartfelt farewell to postdoctoral research fellow Kohei Omachi, PhD, who is returning to Japan after almost five years of research in the Jeff Miner Laboratory. He will be taking a position at the RIKEN Institute in Kobei.

Dr. Omachi has been a prolific researcher of the inherited disease Alport syndrome during his time in the Miner Lab, as well as during his PhD thesis research.  He recently received a Cecil Alport Award for his research presented at the 2021 Online International Workshop on Alport Syndrome, where his work titled “A new COL4A4-G394S missense variant in a patient with TBMN/mild ARAS affects a3a4a5(IV) heterotrimer formation” was chosen as Best Genetics Poster.  He also presented his work at one of the online Alport workshops hosted by Alport UK in 2020 and in person at the first Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Congress in Copenhagen in 2022.

“I have had an exciting five years in the Miner lab. I was very lucky to have wonderful mentors, lab members, collaborators, and environment.  My experience at WashU is an invaluable asset for my future career!  I look forward to the future success of WashU Nephrology.
Thank you all!”

Kohei Omachi
Dr. Jeffrey Miner
Jeffrey Miner

“Kohei brought new expertise and innovative ideas to the lab, along with tireless devotion to bench research,” says Jeffrey Miner, PhD, FASN, Eduardo and Judith Slatopolsky Professor of Medicine and Director of Basic Research, Nephrology.  “His diverse knowledge and willingness to share it with other researchers has been a huge asset to the lab and to the Division as a whole.  He will be missed!”

We wish much success and happiness to you in your new venture, Kohei!

Pictures from another going away party, held on the 8th floor of the McDonnell Medical Science Building. (Credit Dr. Meei-Hua Lin):

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