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Maranda Watts, RN, Joins WashU Nephrology Outpatient Department as Clinical Nurse Coordinator. 

Maranda Watts was inspired to become a nephrology nurse because of her uncle who suffered from kidney disease at a young age.

WashU Nephrology is pleased to announce that Maranda Watts, RN, has joined our Outpatient Department as the new Clinical Nurse Coordinator. 

Maranda earned her nursing degree from St. Louis Community College – Forest Park in 2014 and worked at DaVita Dialysis before coming to WashU Nephrology in 2018, where she served as Clinical Nurse Coordinator in our Home Dialysis Department.

“Previously, I was working on the clinical floor with patients who were undergoing dialysis,” says Maranda.  “In this new position, I am working with outpatients who are on the verge of starting dialysis.  My job is to help coordinate their care to help delay the start of dialysis as much as possible.”  This involves working alongside social workers, doctors, NPs, and dietitians, as well as monitoring patients’ labs, setting up appointments and adjusting medications to give the patient the best care possible.  “Once the patient has reached the point where dialysis is a necessity, then we help patients transition to starting dialysis whether it be at their home or at a facility.“

Maranda’s journey to becoming a nephrology nurse is a personal one that started with her uncle, Deron Titsworth, who developed kidney disease at a young age.  “His condition was what made me want to be involved with learning more about nephrology and helping people who suffered from kidney disease.”  

Once she started working at DaVita, Maranda found out that her uncle was actually a patient of WashU Nephrology clinician Marcos Rothstein, MD and nurse practitioner Lisa Koester-Wiedemann, ANP, CNN-NP. “They took very good care of him during his dialysis treatments, all the way up to the time he was fortunate enough to receive a donated Kidney.”

Seeing how well her uncle was cared for made Maranda want to join the WashU nephrology team.

“So, in the end, I feel very blessed to be working alongside with some of the best nephrologists and staff in this area and being a part of saving lives.”

In her down time, Maranda enjoys visiting theme parks with her kids, cooking, and indoor roller skating.

“I have been skating since I was in high school, and then I picked it back up after college. My mother (in red in the picture below) and I enjoy skating – we used to go three times a week before the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Maranda’s off time pleasures: family, cooking and skating!

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