Match Day Success – Welcome 2018 Nephrology Fellows

The results of the 2018-2019 National Resident Matching Program are in and we are proud to announce our five new Nephrology fellows for 2018. We look forward to getting to know each of them next year.

Aniesh Bobba, MD, is currently a resident at John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, IL. Aniesh submitted an abstract to ASN 2017 on immunosuppression induction in ethnic minorities with membranous SLE. His father, who has a clinic and a ten-bed hospital in the small town in India where Aniesh grew up, inspired Aniesh to become a physician. In the future, Aniesh sees himself as an academic nephrologist and hopes to provide part-time service as a nephrologist at the clinic working side-by-side with his father. Outside interests include cricket, hiking, watching movies and listening to music.

Andy Chuu (far left in front row) in holiday photo at Mayo Clinic Arizona.

Andy Chuu, MD, born in St. Louis, MO, completed his undergraduate studies at University of Missouri, Columbia, in Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics after a pre-med year at Saint Louis University. He received his medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, AZ and is currently a resident at Mayo Clinic Arizona, Scottsdale, AZ. Andy’s research interest is in improving medical education and training. He has two published manuscripts. A third manuscript, which analyzes the associations between telemetry use and mortality risk, hospital length of stay and readmission rates in patients with respiratory illness, has just been accepted for publication. Andy was a registered dietician until 2015. His outside interests include nutrition, fitness, musical composition and machine/statistical learning.

Christina Mariyam Joy, MD, is currently a resident at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center/New York Medical College, Paterson, NJ. Christina was Best Resident of the Year, 2015 and 2016, and Associate Chief Resident, 2017. Recent research projects include the comparison of physicians’ awareness of the new JNC 8 guidelines for management of hypertension in adults and the overuse of antibiotics in the management of asymptomatic bacteriuria (the latter is pending publication). Christina speaks Malayalam, Hindi and basic Tamil. She takes great pleasure in interior home design, using her own work of painted and hand embroidered canvases for decoration. Christine also enjoys gardening, and travelling to historic cities.

Irene Nunuk educating Ugandan children on nutrition. More at

Irene Nunuk, MD, completed her undergraduate work at Michigan State University East Lansing, MI and received her medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Flint Campus, Flint, MI. Irene is currently a resident at Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals, Milwaukee, WI. Recent volunteer work includes reaching out to the Burmese/Chin refugee population in an educational program designed to stress the importance of preventative medicine. Irene was also involved in the MSU CHM Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved, which allows medical students to gain knowledge in caring for underserved populations with sensitivity and expertise; the program has rural, urban and international rotations. She speaks Burmese and loves to travel and explore. Irene has been to Thailand, Nicaragua, Uganda, Mexico, and Myanmar.

Madhuri Ramakrishnan, MD, is currently a resident at the University of Missouri Kansas City, Kansas City, MO. Madhuri is involved in a review, soon to be submitted, of the current guidelines for the management of hypertension, in light of the SPRINT trial, and its implications for the patient population in MO. She recently received the “Resident as Teacher” Award for her role in a voluntary teaching experience in which she introduced elementary subjects in ambulatory medicine to 3rd and 4th year medical students. Madhuri speaks Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, plays the Veena (an Indian classical string instrument) and is an avid fan of the sport of Cricket. She enjoys blogging short essays, writing poetry, and has co-authored a novel titled “A Surge of Time” with her father, R. Ramakrishnan.