North County Dialysis Center Celebrates Tandy Day!   

It’s one thing for an employee to be recognized for her dedication and 20 years of hard work.  It’s another thing for an employee to have a whole day named after her!  

Dialysis Technician Tandalaya Shelton has been with WashU Nephrology for 20 years.

Thomas Gowen, the Nurse Manager of WashU Nephrology’s North County Dialysis Center said that Friday, August 19, 2022, everyone at the center celebrated Tandy Day, in honor of Tandalaya Shelton, a Dialysis Technician II who has been with the Division for over 20 years.   

Tandylaya previously worked at our Chromalloy Dialysis Center and transferred to the North County center in 2020. 

“She takes excellent care of our patients,” says Gowen. “We are so proud to have her with us, so we set up Tandy Day to show her our appreciation.”  He says Tandalaya frequently uses those 20 years of experience to discuss patient treatment options with the doctors and nurses.   

Thank you, Tandalaya, for all you do!