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Please Welcome Kristy Bingaman as We Say Goodbye to Kim Knolhoff

Kristy Bingaman, Nephrology Fellowship Office Coordinator
Kristy Bingaman, Nephrology Fellowship Office Coordinator

WashU Nephrology welcomes Kristy Bingaman, our new Fellowship Program office coordinator.  Kristy will be taking over for Kim Knolhoff, who will retire in November after being with the division for 22 years.

Kristy has over 15 years of experience managing residency and fellowship training programs for both WashU and Saint Louis University.  Her most recent position was program coordinator for the Gastroenterology Fellowship Program at SLU.

“I love working inside training programs and watching fellows move forward in their medical careers,” says Kristy.  “I am so excited to join WashU Nephrology.  My first couple of weeks have gone very smoothly.  I appreciate everyone’s warm welcome and Kim for sharing her expertise about the program before her retirement!”

Kristy earned a bachelor of business administration degree from McKendree University in Illinois in 2001.  She joined Washington University in the Pediatric Residency Program Office in 2003, where she gained “a wealth of knowledge” managing training programs.  She was soon promoted to program coordinator, administrative professional, and then manager of academic programs in the Department of Radiology, as well as the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

While working full-time in the residency training program offices, Kristy took evening classes at WashU and earned a master’s degree in human resources management in 2008.

Kristy and her daughter, Olivia, and son, Logan, enjoy traveling and sightseeing

In her free time, Kristy enjoys spending time with her two children, 16-year-old Olivia and 9-year-old Logan, and attending their extracurricular activities such as soccer and basketball.  Kristy also attends CrossFit classes 3-4 days a week.  The family enjoys traveling and sightseeing, especially in Florida because of their fondness for the ocean and beaches.

The division also wants to say farewell and wish Kim Knolhoff an absolutely wonderful retirement.  She plans on spending more time with her husband, grandchildren, parents – and herself.

Kim plans on having an active retirement!

“No alarm clocks, no commute!” says Kim.  “When the COVID era ends, I plan to take a much-needed vacation.  Until then, I will enjoy more time to read, work jigsaw puzzles, exercise and work in the yard.”  Kim says she may even find some volunteer work.  “I won’t be able to sit around and do nothing!!”  

Kim has been at WashU for 30 years.  “WashU has been GREAT to work for!  I made a couple of transitions along the way but landed in Internal Medicine/Nephrology Division in 1998 and never left. 

“This is my home.  All the faculty in this division are very nice and great to work for.  I couldn’t have asked for any better bosses – Dr. Dan Brennan, Dr. Steven Cheng and Jodean Baldauf!”

Kim and other members of WashU Nephrology are featured on the 2020 “Thank-You-for-All-You-Do” calendar gifted by the fellows.