The Surprising Relationship Between BMI and Liver Transplantation Mortality

Many transplant programs decline liver transplantation (LT) to obese candidates because they have a higher risk of surgical complications and death than do non-obese candidates. In addition, obese candidates have longer waiting times for LT. However, studies examining the association of a recipient’s body mass index (BMI) and post LT-mortality have not produced consistent results. […]

Brennan Publication on AJT Top Ten List

Congratulations are in order for Dan Brennan, MD, and co-authors of the manuscript “Long-Term Follow-Up of the Edmonton Protocol of Islet Transplantation in the United States”, published in the American Journal of Transplantation (AJT) in February 2016. The publication was chosen as one of AJT’s top ten best articles of 2016. According to AJT, the list […]