Brennan Publication on AJT Top Ten List

Congratulations are in order for Dan Brennan, MD, and co-authors of the manuscript “Long-Term Follow-Up of the Edmonton Protocol of Islet Transplantation in the United States”, published in the American Journal of Transplantation (AJT) in February 2016. The publication was chosen as one of AJT’s top ten best articles of 2016. According to AJT, the list consists of “some of the most thoughtful, innovative and important manuscripts in the field over the past year.”

The article details a 12-year follow-up of patients who had undergone a particular method of pancreatic islet implantation combined with steroid-free immunosuppression to treat “brittle” type 1 diabetics prone to hypoglycemic unawareness. While treatment was associated was excellent glucose control, no severe hypoglycemia, and stable kidney function without increased incidence of infection or malignancy, islet function did gradually decrease over time.

On the manuscript being chosen as one of AJT’s best of 2016, Dr. Brennan says, “This is ironic since it was really difficult to get published!”

Kudos to Dr. Brennan, et al.! Read the full article here.

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