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Taking Time for a Little Holiday Competition – Gingerbread Style

WashU research faculty and staff recently took a break to enjoy a little friendly holiday competition. 

“I wanted to organize something festive for the holidays and thought a gingerbread house decorating contest would be fun,” says Nicole “Nikki” Malvin, Lab Manager of the Humphreys Lab, who organized the event.  “I thought it would just be a fun way to get everyone together for some low-stakes fun.”

Gingerbread decorating kits were provided to participating labs.  Extra decorations were encouraged! 

Nicole had only one request before the festivities began: “I bought extra cookies, so don’t eat the houses!”

In the end, 10 gingerbread houses were built: a Treehouse, Log Cabin, Beach House, Row House, Stadium Barn, Mini Village, Classic, Glitter Chateau with llamas, and a Target Store, with personalized embellishments, of course.  The plan is to have family and friends judge their favorite gingerbread house from the pictures below (blind voting, of course!).  When the results come in, the winners will receive bragging rights for the next year.

See pics of all the excellent gingerbread houses: