Warm Welcome to Teresa Tamburello, the New Nurse Administrator at Chromalloy Kidney Center

Teresa Tamburello, Nurse Administrator, Chromalloy Kidney Center

The Division of Nephrology welcomes Teresa Tamburello, RN, BSN, the new Nurse Administrator at Chromalloy Kidney Center.

Teresa graduated with an Associates Degree in Nursing from Southwestern Illinois College in 2003 and received her Bachelor of Science in 2016.

In addition to six years of extensive work in ICU and medicine/surgery hospital care, Teresa has ten years of dialysis experience, including in-center and peritoneal dialysis, as well as managerial experience.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Washington University Chromalloy Kidney team!” she says.

Concerning her down time, Teresa says, “I love to travel.  This picture is of my beautiful family on vacation this summer.”

Teresa Tamburello and Family


Welcome to the division, Teresa!