WU Nephrology Celebrates World Kidney Day

The annual celebration of World Kidney Day is underway.  The global campaign, a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations, raises awareness of the prevalence of kidney disease and the need for strategies for kidney disease prevention and management.


Andrew Malone, MD, discusses kidney disease on Fox 2 Now morning show with anchor Lisa Hart

The event takes place the second Thursday of every March and is celebrated worldwide though thousands of events such as kidney screenings and marathons.  Every year, the World Kidney Day campaign highlights a particular theme.  This year’s theme is Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere, acknowledging the problem that kidney health disparity and inequity are still widespread.

Washington University nephrologist Dr. Andrew Malone, in an interview with news anchor Lisa Hart of Fox 2 Now morning show, highlighted the integral role kidneys play in our health and discussed early detection and prevention of kidney disease in honor of World Kidney Day.  “This day is to make the public aware of kidney disease and the importance of getting checked out for kidney disease, which can be done with a simple urine and blood test,” says Malone.  Watch the interview here an

(L) Jane Stromberg, MSW, and Tingting Li, MD, co-captains of the St. Louis NKF Kidney Walk 2019

In addition, WU Nephrology will be celebrating and spreading the word about kidney health and disease on March 24, when our team, Wash Ur Kidneys, will participate in the 2019 National Kidney St. Louis Kidney Walk.  Please visit the Wash Ur Kidneys team page … it’s not too late to donate to their cause!

And, of course, there was cake to top off the day!