Critical Care Fellowships Awarded to Nephrologists Younus and Edrees

edrees_younusThe Division of Nephrology is proud to announce that second year fellows Fahad Edrees, MD, and Usman Younus, MD, have both been accepted to the Critical Care Fellowship here at Washington University next year.  Critical Care Medicine is a rapidly growing subspecialty.  Physicians with training in critical care are referred to as “intensivists” and are capable of treating a wide variety of pathophysiology in critically ill and injured patients; they also have expertise in the technological procedures and devices used in intensive care settings.

The Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, offered through the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care, Department of Medicine, will begin upon completion of their two-year nephrology fellowship in 2017.  WU provides a broad, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary Critical Care Medicine curriculum.  The program consists of rotations in the intensive care units at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, including Medical ICU (MICU), Surgical ICU (SICU), Cardiothoracic ICU (CT-ICU), and Neuro-ICU (NICU).

Dr. Edrees states that he is very excited about the acceptance and for the ability to stay one more year at WU.  “I came to the US with the plans on doing nephrology and critical care.  I’ve always had a special interest for critical care nephrology, and I am currently working on a research with Dr. Anitha Vijayan that involves sustained low efficiency dialysis (SLED) in the ICU, so doing an extra year here will help me finish my research,” he says.  “I am hoping, after finishing, to practice both nephrology and critical care in an academic center.”

Dr. Younus is looking forward to being both an intensivist and nephrologist.  “Having nephrology training before critical care fellowship will certainly make me well prepared for managing patients with complex medical issues,” he says. “Getting trained at WU will be an honor and will certainly give me enough confidence to address any aspect of nephrology and critical care.  I look forward to working in an academic institution eventually, where I can actively participate in teaching and research once I complete my fellowships.”

This is a tremendous honor and the division gives a hearty congratulation to Dr. Younus and Dr. Edrees!