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Dr. Anuja Java Receives National Kidney Foundation Award of Excellence

WashU Nephrologist Anuja Java receives NKF Award of Excellence for her work with the Show Me MO CKDIntercept™ initiative.

WashU nephrologist Anuja Java, MD, was one of five honorees whom the local chapter of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) recognized for their contributions in promoting the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease in the St. Louis community.  The event, the 1st Annual National Kidney Foundation Award of Excellence Reception, was held November 11, 2022.

Dr. Java, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology and Director of the Kidney Transplant Program at the John Cochran Veterans Affairs Medical Center in St. Louis, was presented with the NKF Award of Excellence for her contributions to the Show Me MO CKDIntercept™ initiative, which promotes the early diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD), especially in high-risk populations in Missouri.  In particular, Java was recognized for her work in the development of a robust distribution plan for conferences and publications, as well as her vast expertise in sharing the findings and the status of the 2008 Missouri Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force Report that set the stage for this work.

Introducing Dr. Java at the reception was former WashU Nephrology faculty member, Daniel Brennan, MD, who is now Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Medical Director of the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center.

This award is very meaningful to me, since being involved in a community, taking care of patients, and educating people about kidney disease are things I truly enjoy as a clinician.  It felt particularly special to be introduced by Dr. Brennan who has been an outstanding mentor, friend, and colleague.

Anuja Java

Anuja Java and Dan Brennan

Also honored at the reception:

  • Dr. Marie Philipneri, Professor of Medicine, Saint Louis University: Awarded the NKF Award of Excellence
  • Dr. Krista Lentine, Professor of Medicine, Saint Louis University: Awarded the NKF Award of Excellence in Mentorship and Communication
  • Dr. Kunal Malhotra, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Missouri Health Care: Awarded the NKF Award of Excellence
  • Tim McGue, a Dedicated Volunteer & Living Donor: Awarded the Arthur P. Pasquarella Leadership in Action Award, which recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of a NKF volunteer who has demonstrated significant dedication and commitment to the overall NKF mission.
NKF Award of Excellence Honorees: (From Left) Kunal Malhotra, Anuja Java, Marie Philipneri, Krista Lentine and Tim McGue.

Learn more about Dr. Java and her many accomplishments here.  On Twitter, follow @anuja_java and keep up with our division @WUNephrology

More pictures from the ceremony (Credit, Twitter):