Gloriosa Go Retires – Our Fond Farewell

At 75 years young, Senior Research Technician Gloriosa Go decided it was time to retire. Gloriosa has worked in the laboratory of Professor of Medicine Jeff Miner, PhD, for the past 18 years.

“Gloriosa has been a valued member of my laboratory,” says Dr. Miner. “Her expertise in molecular biology and histology has been critical for so many of our publications, I can’t even begin to count them. She will be sorely missed, and I wish her well in the next phase of her life.”

“It’s been wonderful having Gloriosa as a colleague and as a friend,” says Senior Scientist Meei-Hua Lin, PhD, also in the Miner laboratory, who has worked with Gloriosa for more than ten years. “Gloriosa is a great team member. She is very productive and always willing to help with a co-worker’s project.”

Gloriosa Go speaks with Dr. Eduardo Slatopolsky at her retirement party.

Dr. Lin says that Gloriosa always keeps a good attitude about her work, never procrastinates and doesn’t hesitate to stay late when an experiment calls for it. Gloriosa is also known for coming up with clever hacks to make life in the lab easier, such as repurposing cut-up plastic bottles into trays that conveniently hold agarose gels.

“We have lunch together and end up talking about both work and daily life,” says Dr. Lin. “She chooses to live such a positive life. It’s hard to imagine the lab without my dear labmate Gloriosa. I will miss her!”

In addition to spending some of her free time traveling with her sister, Gloriosa is also looking forward to taking time to just sit and read a book. First, though, she says she wants to catch up on her sleep!

Gloriosa speaks with Dr. Miner (center) and Division Chief, Dr. Benjamin Humphreys (right). Behind Gloriosa is Dr. Andrew Malone.

“I wish to thank Jeff, past and present members of Miner lab, and the whole division for their mentoring, kindness, friendship and support through all these years,” says Gloriosa. “I wish everyone good luck and good health. I will miss you. But, the memory of this exciting and enriching journey will always bring a smile to my face, a sense of satisfaction, a touch of sadness, and a twinge to my heart.”

Good luck and have fun, Gloriosa. We will all miss you!
























Dr. Jeff Miner, (left), Gloriosa Go (center) and Meei-Hua Lin (right)