Happy Hour, Renal Style

Rajees Varghese decided it was time the Division of Nephrology had a Happy Hour.
So, he made it happen.

Jeff Miner (center) talks with Steven Funk (left) and Feng Chen (right)

The Research Science Happy Hour debuted after work on Friday, September 29, 2017, to a gathering of about 20 researchers.

“I was just thinking it would be a great way for everyone to come together and have a relaxing Friday evening, socializing and meeting new people,” says Rajees, a Research Technician in Dr. Feng Chen’s laboratory.

While Rajees hosted the inaugural Happy Hour in the Kipnis Conference Room, 6th Floor Wohl Hospital, the venue will most likely change in the future. Different labs in the division will take turns hosting the Happy Hour at a venue of their choosing.

Rajees gives props to Office Coordinator Virginia Kelly and Sr. Dept. Accounting Assistant Celia Dehn for their help in getting the event organized. When he received the results of a request for preferred drinks/beverages (which he compiled into a spreadsheet), Virginia was keen to point out that the most requested drink was … WATER.

The next Research Science Happy Hour is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, 2017.

Cindy Ritter, brownlab@wustl.edu