Welcome Celia Dehn

3-cropped-compressedWe are pleased to introduce another new member of our division, Celia Dehn, the Senior Department Accounting Assistant who will be handling the purchasing/accounting functions for the division.  Prior to coming to the Division of Nephrology, Celia worked in the Department of Pathology & Immunology for 28 years.  Working at WashU is a family affair; her daughter, Emily Stroisch, is the Residency Program Coordinator in the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

Celia has two grandsons, Henry and Clark (3 ½ years old and 10 months, respectively), who she claims “are the cutest boys and, of course, the smartest!”  On Celia’s time off, she loves to read – mainly mysteries, biographies and history.  She studied art history and photography, is an art book collector and loves to bake. Celia also has four cats “which at my age could make me a crazy cat lady!” she says.

When asked about her family history, Celia tells the story about how her mother, originally from Virginia, came to the Midwest.  Her mother was a secretary at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee during World War II and came to St. Louis for the wedding of her best friend.  When her mother heard about a secretarial job at Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad in East St. Louis, she applied and began working for the man who would become her husband and Celia’s father.  His family was 3rd generation German from this area.

“Growing up in the rural Midwest was idyllic,” says Celia.  “We grew up among the corn, bean and wheat fields, but could travel a short way for the Symphony, Art Museums, and education.  My daughter was born in Naples Florida, but after she turned two we came back here so she could have the same kind of upbringing I had and be with family.  I think my daughter feels the same way about raising her sons in the Midwest.”

We welcome you to the division, Celia.  Please feel free to share your love of baking with us!