Annual Meeting

Lisa Koester-Wiedemann, Shawna McMichael and Cheryl Cress Present at 2021 Annual Dialysis Conference

Lisa Koester-Wiedemann, renal nurse practitioner, will present Clinical Management: What are the Challenges?

WashU Nephrology members Lisa Koester-Wiedemann, MSN, CS, CNN-NP, Shawna McMichael, BSN, RN, and Cheryl Cress, RN, CNN, are presenting at the Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC), being held this weekend, March 5-7, 2021.  

ADC, now in its 41st year, hosts an international group of physicians, nurses, technicians, dieticians, social workers, administrators, and representatives from a wide range of disciplines to discuss current developments in the field of dialysis.  The event is held virtually this year.

Renal nurse practitioner Koester-Wiedemann, who was on the planning committee, will be involved in several presentations/discussions.  She will present Patient Consideration for Volume and Prescription Management during the Home Dialysis Prescription and Management section on Saturday, March 6, and then serve as a panelist on an interactive session that will offer practical strategies in prescribing and modifying prescriptions and achieving volume control for optimal individualized hemodialysis treatment.  Brent Miller, MD, a former faculty member in our division, will also be on the panel.

Shawna McMichael, nurse manager of our Home Modalities Program, will present The Significance of an Effective Initial Education and Training.

In the Maintaining Patients on Home Hemodialysis section, nurse manager of our Home Modalities Program, Shawna McMichael, will present The Significance of an Effective Initial Education and Training; home dialysis modalities nurse Cheryl Cress will present How Can We Keep Patients at Home? Follow-up Strategies; and Koester-Wiedemann will present Clinical Management: What are the Challenges?

Koester-Wiedemann, McMichael and Cress will also take part in a roundtable nurse networking group.

Cheryl Cress, home dialysis modalities nurse, will present How Can We Keep Patients at Home? Follow-up Strategies.

ADC, sponsored by the University of Missouri – Columbia, was the first conference of its kind that focused on peritoneal dialysis.  It is highly focused on home therapies and caters to all disciplines and all levels of experience.  This year, over 1,000 participants are expected.

On the 2021 ADC agenda:

  • US Trends in Home Dialysis During 2020: The Aftermath of an Acquisition, an Executive Order and a Virus
  • Clinically Speaking: Addressing the Goal to Promote and Establish Home Dialysis
  • Standardizing Patient Education
  • Choosing Dialyzers
  • Hypotension in Dialysis
  • Anticoagulation in Patients on DOAC and Coumadin: Challenges and Pitfalls
  • Nuances of Ultrafiltration
  • New Methods of AV Access Creation; Buttonhole Cannulation
  • Pediatric Dialysis Nutrition Guidelines
  • Growth and Recombinant Growth Hormone Therapy
  • Renal Anemia: The Basics and Management
  • Infectious/Cardiovascular/Catheter Complications, Electrolyte Imbalances, Splenic Infarct, Gastroparesis, Hypoalbuminemia
  • A Day in the Life of a Nephrology Child Life Specialist
  • Supporting the Child/Family for a Kidney Transplant
  • Adequacy and Volume Management
  • Keynote Presentations: Professional Burnout: Does the Current Culture of Healthcare Foster Professional Burnout?
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) in ESRD: What is the Right Way to Approach Them?
  • Dialysis in the COVID-19 Patient: Modifications of Current Modalities, Role of Additional Extracorporeal Therapies, Anticoagulation Challenges, Infection Control
  • Telemedicine and COVID-19