Fighting COVID-19

#nephSTRONG – WashU Division of Nephrology – Better Together

As a gesture of appreciation for how everyone has pulled together during the COVID-19 pandemic, WashU Nephrology is distributing #nephSTRONG t-shirts to its 180 faculty, staff and trainees.

The t-shirts are compliments of an anonymous donor and were designed by children of two WashU Nephrology faculty members.  Dr. Anitha Vijayan’s daughter, Maya Menon, and Dr. Tingting Li’s son, Nate, came up with the logo of two kidneys nestled into the shape of a heart.  The slogan reads: #nephSTRONG – WashU Division of Nephrology – better together.

Maya Menon is a senior at WashU and had worked in the Sanjay Jain lab as a high school student.  She says she wanted to contribute to the WashU community and the Division of Nephrology.   Nate is a freshman in high school and says he was glad that he was able to do something meaningful for the division. 

Drs. Anitha Vijayan (L) and Tingting Li hold up #nephSTRONG t-shirts.  Anitha’s daughter, Maya Menon, and TIngting’s son, Nate, designed the logo.

The shirts are being delivered to our North County, Forest Park and Chromalloy dialysis centers, as well as to the 8th floor McDonnell Science research space and the 8th floor Wohl Clinic administrative area.

COVID-19 Team at North County Dialysis Center

“We will figure out how to get the t-shirts out to everyone at home, too!” says Jodean Baldauf, nephrology’s senior director of business operations & business development.  “We are very proud of our staff, fellows and faculty.  Thanks to everyone for your dedication.”

#nephSTRONG t-shirts ready to be distributed; 8th floor McDonnell Medical Science Building conference room.

The division also had banners printed that are being posted at our dialysis units, and in our faculty and fellow office space.  An anonymous donor paid for the cost of the banners.

Drs. Anubha Mutneja and Charbel Khoury on 8th Floor Wohl.

#StrongerTogether banner for WashU Nephrology/Transplant

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