Panel to Discuss Misconceptions about Kidney Transplant Criteria

Dr. Tarek Alhamad, Medical Director of Transplant Nephrology at Washington University School of Medicine, hopes to clear up some common misconceptions about what makes a patient eligible – or ineligible – for a kidney transplant.

Nephrologists, primary care physicians, dialysis nurses, social workers, coordinators, etc. are invited to join in on a panel discussion about kidney transplant criteria to be held this coming Thursday, January 10, 2019, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM at BRAVO Cucina Italiana, 15 West County Center Drive, Des Peres, MO 63131.  Lunch will be served.

The panel will feature members of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital and WU School of Medicine Kidney Transplant team:

·       Tarek Alhamad, MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Nephrology

·       Heather Wertin, Manager, Abdominal Transplant Program, BJH Transplant Center

·       Jane Hughes, Kidney Transplant Coordinator, BJH Tansplant Center

·       Trisha Kaplan, Kidney Transplant Coordinator, BJH Transplant Center

“It is an important meeting to discuss many misconceptions about kidney transplant,” says Alhamad.  “We would like to build a strong communication system with the social workers and dialysis nurses in the community.  Referral to kidney transplant starts with awareness about this option.”

A common misconception would be to automatically assume that one’s age or a certain life style choice makes one ineligible for a kidney transplant.  The following conditions DO NOT exclude one from being considered:Your age – there are no age limits.

– A diagnosis of Hepatitis B or C.

– A diagnosis of HIV.

– Smoking tobacco, unless you have significant vascular or lung disease.

– Smoking cannabis, unless you have recurrent respiratory infections or lung disease.

– A history of cancer. However, most patients will need to be in remission for a specific amount of time before proceeding.

– The use of calcimimetic medication such as cinacalcet or etelcalcetide (with controlled PTH of less than 500).

If you are interested in attending the panel discussion, please email coordinator Maria Schneider to register.

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