The goal of our research is to investigate the molecular mechanisms that regulate progenitor cells in the developing kidney and to elucidate how developmental pathways in the kidney function in repair/regeneration after injury.

Ongoing studies are focusing on understanding how transcription factors and their associated chromatin remodeling complexes regulate cell fate of nephron progenitor cells during formation of the kidney.  A second area of emphasis is to investigate epigenetic regulatory mechanisms of the kidney in response to acute and chronic injury in mice and humans. We use genetically engineered mice, rodent models of kidney injury, genomics (ChIP-seq, CUT&RUN, CUT&TAG, single cell technologies, Hi-ChIP), primary cell culture of nephron progenitor cells, CRISPR/CAS9 epigenetic editing and advanced imaging techniques to investigate these areas of interest.

Research positions available, contact:

Michael Rauchman, MDCM

Chromalloy Professor of Medicine

Professor of Developmental Biology

Washington University School of Medicine


Phone:  (314) 273-0244