Our main focus is podocytes biology, an elaborate-looking cell that is important for the kidney filtration function. Podocytes are unique cells and can be considered an archetypical cell for studying complex biological processes such as cell shape, cell stability under high sheer stress and distension as well as the in-out and out-in signaling.

My laboratory focuses on the podocyte change under pathological conditions and the role of isoactins, tropomyosins and formins in governing such change. I also study the interaction between the podocyte and the underlaying basement membrane in both health and pathological conditions.

The diseases that are at the focus of my laboratory are mainly kidney glomerular diseases from genetic diseases such as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, to diseases such as diabetic nephropathy and transplant glomerulopathy. The common feature in these diseases is the podocytopathy that is tightly associated with disorders in the basement membrane underneath.

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