Celebrating Nephrology Nurses

Although appreciated year-round, nephrology nurses are properly recognized this week, September 10-16, 2017, during the official Nephrology Nurses Week. The celebration gives us the opportunity to come right out and say to our nephrology nurses, “Thank you for all you do!”

Outpatient Nurses, left to right: Michelle Bloom, Connie Mayo, Barb Schmaltz and Joanne Lauber.

The American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) initially honored the life-saving work of nurses who cared for patients who have, or are at risk for, kidney disease with an Annual Nephrology Nurse Day Luncheon. After a number of years, the organization decided to expand the recognition of this specialty and take it to a national level. Kicked off in 2005, Nephrology Nurses Week is now celebrated every year the second full week of September.

The celebration is also a chance to highlight, to other nurses, the career opportunities available in nephrology. Nephrology is considered one of the most diverse nursing specialties practiced today. According to ANNA, the challenges of this specialty are what fuel the passion for these skilled, educated and motivated nephrology nurses.

Forest Park Kidney Center home nurses.

While the weeklong celebration encourages our expression of appreciation for the dedication of the nephrology nurses, ANNA stresses that it is also a time for the nurses themselves to take a step back and appreciate the joy they feel in their practice, celebrate pride of their specialty, and remind themselves of what makes their profession so special.

While all the nephrology nurses in our division are celebrated, a special shout out goes to those who have taken the extra step of obtaining certification for Certified Dialysis Nurse (CDN) and Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN):


Patty Anderson, CNN
Jean Audrain, CNN
Michelle Bloom, CNN
Cheryl Cress, CNN
Cathy Ecklecamp, CDN
Lori Gawat-Abuelo, CNN
Vickie Haldaman, CDN
Connie Mayo, CNN
Pat Meeks, CNN

Thank you, all, for your dedication and hard work in making a difference in the lives of your patients.