Humphreys Elected Secretary-Treasurer to ASCI Council

The Division of Nephrology congratulates Chief Benjamin D. Humphreys, MD, PhD, for being elected Secretary-Treasurer of the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) for 2020-2022. The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), founded in 1908, is one of the oldest and most esteemed nonprofit honor societies of physician-scientists.

Lorraine B. Ware, MD

Membership to ASCI is by election only. Acceptance to the Society reflects significant scientific contributions achieved at a relatively young age, because only researchers who are 50 years of age or younger are eligible for nomination. Dr. Humphreys, the Joseph Friedman Professor of Renal Diseases in Medicine, was elected to the ASCI in 2013.

Dr. Humphreys is a clinician and nationally recognized investigator in kidney fibrosis, stem cells and regenerative medicine. His research focuses on the development of stem cell-based treatments of kidney disease and detailing the mechanisms of kidney repair and recovery after injury.

Using cutting-edge techniques in gene editing, single cell transcriptomics, and human pluripotent stem cell-derived kidney organoids, the Humphreys’ laboratory creates unique models of kidney disease in which to study different therapeutic approaches.

Humphreys is a recent recipient of a Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative grant to fund research as part of the ambitious Human Cell Atlas project.

Doris A. Stoffers

More than three thousand physician-scientists from all medical specialties make up the ASCI. The ASCI considers the nominations of several hundred physician-scientists submitted from among its members and elects up to 80 new members each year for their significant research accomplishments.

Says Humphreys, “Breathtaking technological advances make this a very exciting time to be a physician-scientist. I am honored to serve in this role and to support all physician-scientists working to improve the lives of our patients through investigation.”

The ASCI convenes an annual meeting with the Association of American Physicians, and self-publishes the prestigious Journal of Clinical Investigation and JCI Insight. Founded in 1924, JCI is a peer-reviewed biomedical research journal recognized for its broad readership and impact; JCI Insight is a peer-reviewed journal that presents research with a focused line of investigation providing meaningful and impactful contributions to the understanding of the biology of disease or new therapeutic opportunities – its inaugural issue debuted on January 21, 2016.

Elected to ASCI Council this year were: Vice President: Lorraine B. Ware, MD Secretary-Treasurer elect: Benjamin D Humphreys, MD, PhD Councilor: Doris A. Stoffers, MD, PhD