The Maternal Fetal Medicine Nephrology Clinic provides and coordinates multi-specialty care for women experiencing kidney-related complications or diseases either before or during pregnancy. The clinic, led by a board-certified nephrologist, sees patients with conditions such as chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease, diabetes, lupus, preeclampsia, proteinuria, or Alport Syndrome. The clinic is led by Kelli King-Morris, MD.

The clinic works in partnership with a patient’s obstetrician, maternal fetal medicine specialist, and endocrinologist. As needed, ESRD patients referred for, or who are currently on, dialysis will have their care coordinated by the clinic as well as experienced dialysis specialists.

The benefit of the dedicated clinic is to ensure the best possible pregnancy outcome for a patient with kidney disease. Because weight and nutritional requirements change often throughout pregnancy, regular exams and blood tests are critical to monitor for anything that might increase the risk of losing the baby. For women who need dialysis, regular adjustments to fluid volume and lower thresholds for kidney clearance are necessary.

The team has received referrals from obstetricians and cardiologists as well as primary care physicians. It has proven expertise in treating pregnant women needing care for kidney complications. With intense hemodialysis protocols and aggressive, multi-specialty care coordination, the team has celebrated successful live births with their patients.

Appointments are available in south St. Louis County or at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Call 314-362-9096 to schedule an appointment.

Call 314-362-7603 for new referrals.

Kelli King-Morris, MD
Maternal Fetal Medicine Nephrology Clinic

Dialysis Specialists
Reena Gurung, MBBS
Manasa Metireddy, MD