Dr. Safaa Hammoud Awarded AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship for Chronic Kidney Injury Research

Congratulations to Safaa Hammoud, PhD, a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the laboratory of Leslie Gewin, MD, for receiving a 2024 American Heart Association (AHA) Postdoctoral Fellowship.  The award provides two years of funding for her project “Blocking Tubular Cell Cycle Induces Protective Metabolic Changes in Chronic Kidney Disease.”  

After receiving her PhD in pharmacology from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon, Dr. Hammoud wanted to broaden her research horizons. 

Saffa Hammoud, to study metabolic changes in chronic kidney disease.

“My experiences drove me to seek a training opportunity where I could investigate metabolic changes in acute and chronic kidney injury. Therefore, I moved with my family to the US, and I joined WashU Nephrology in 2022 to work under the mentorship of Dr. Leslie Gewin, who is an expert in renal injury and metabolism.”

Safaa Hammoud

The Gewin Laboratory focuses on the kidney tubular responses to injury and repair mechanisms.  Recently, the lab’s research has expanded to investigate how changes in tubular metabolism alter responses to acute and chronic kidney injury. Their goal is to find novel targets for future therapies to decrease the burden of kidney disease.

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