Yau’s New Podcast Format Merges Nephrology, History and Storytelling

Assistant Professor of Medicine Timothy Yau wants to tell you a good story.

Yau is branching out from the usual clinical and pathology discussions found in his award-winning Washington University Nephrology Web Video Series in order to emphasize some of the incredible things that have happened in the field of nephrology over the course of its existence as a specialty.

“I always love hearing the stories that are steeped in the history of the field,” says Yau. “As a subspecialty field, nephrology is relatively young, but the early stories that shaped our field are really incredible. By telling some of these stories, I hope to shed a different light on what we take for granted in our day-to-day clinical decisions.”

The new storytelling format will augment the existing formats of renal pathology, CPCs and interviews. Dr. Yau launched the video series in December 2015 as a way to teach clinical nephrology to trainees in an entertaining, web-friendly manner.

The web series, awarded the 2016 ASN Innovation in Kidney Education Award, has over 1,600 subscribers, and has been maintained with a monthly episode for the past 2+ years.

Check out the first nephrology storytelling episode, Web Episode #024: The Story of the Membranous Antigen.

Dr. Yau can be found on Twitter @Maximal_Change and on the AJKD blog site where he is the Social Media Editor.