Benjamin Humphreys Elected Vice-President of ASCI

Benjamin Humphreys, MD, PhD, will serve as President of ASCI 2023-2024.

Benjamin Humphreys, MD, PhD, Joseph Friedman Professor of Renal Diseases in Medicine and Chief, Division of Nephrology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, has been elected to serve as Vice-President of the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI). 

The ASCI, founded in 1908, is one of the oldest and most esteemed nonprofit honor societies in the United States and is comprised of more than 3,000 physician-scientists from all medical specialties.  The organization convenes an annual meeting with the Association of American Physicians and publishes the prestigious Journal of Clinical Investigation and JCI Insight.

Elected to the ASCI in 2013, Humphreys is currently the Secretary-Treasurer and will serve as president from 2023-2024.

Humphreys will be the 4th WashU faculty member to serve as president of the organization.  Previous members were Carl V. Moore, MD (1954), Philip W. Majerus, MD, (1982), and Timothy J. Ley, MD, (1998).

“The rapid and successful development of COVID-19 vaccines reminds us all of the critical importance of a vibrant physician-scientist workforce. I am deeply optimistic about the future for physician-scientists, and look forward to serving them through the ASCI.”

Benjamin Humphreys, MD, PhD

Humphreys is a clinician and nationally recognized investigator in kidney fibrosis, stem cells and regenerative medicine.  His research focuses on single-cell technologies that drive precision medicine, the generation of kidney organoids that model kidney development and disease, and regenerative medicine for treatment of human kidney diseases.  

In early 2021, Humphreys joined the NIDDK Board of Scientific Counselors, a review panel that evaluates independently resourced scientists in the NIDDK Intramural Research Program (IRP).  He is also part of a team of investigators who recently received a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant to define the transcriptome and epigenome of the normal human kidney.

Learn more about Dr. Benjamin Humphreys on the Humphreys lab website.   On Twitter, follow @HumphreysLab and keep updated with the Division of Nephrology @WUNephrology.

See ASCI’s announcement here.