WashU Nephrology/IGSS 4th Annual Nephrology Symposium an International Virtual Event

The COVID-19 pandemic could not stop the 4th Annual Nephrology Symposium from taking place this year.  The conference, a collaboration between Washington University Nephrology and Transplant and the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS), was held on November 19 and 20, 2020, as an international virtual event.  

Marcos Rothstein, MD, professor of medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, Division and Vicente Sanchez Polo, MD, director, Social Security Guatemalan Institute (IGSS), Nephrology Department, were co-coordinators of the symposium.  The two centers are an official “Sister Renal Centers” pair, as designated by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN).

“The 4th symposium was held in a difficult year,” say Rothstein.  “We didn’t know if we were going to be able to do it.”  Over 200 attendees from Latin American countries signed in to listen to 12 presenting professors. 

“The symposium is important because it provides valuable tools, contributes to our academic development, and keeps all of us updated in the battle against chronic kidney disease. This event strengthens the relationship between our two groups of nephrologists.”

Vicente Sanchez Polo, MD, director of the IGSS, Nephrology Department, and co-organizer of the symposium.

The popular conference covers topics relating to clinical and transplant nephrology.  Presenters from WashU Nephrology included Benjamin Humphreys, MD, Anitha Vijayan, MD, Timothy Yau, MD, Seth Goldberg, MD, Marcos Rothstein, MD, Tarek Alhamad, MD, Tingting Li, MD, Steven Cheng, MD and Daniel Coyne, MD.   Dr. Coyne, who spoke about prevention of diabetic nephrology at the conference, says, “It was an honor to present.  Marcos and the other symposium leaders did a marvelous job during the most difficult of times.”

“I am so very appreciative of all of the presenters’ time, effort and skill in delivering a successful conference. The audience included nephrologists from countries as far away as Mexico, Central America, and South American countries such as Paraguay, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. The audience gave all of the talks the highest marks! My hope is that these activities in the Southern Hemisphere will help establish WashU Nephrology as a constructive neighbor and collaborator around the world.”

Marcos Rothstein, MD, professor of medicine, WashU Nephrology, and co-organizer of the symposium.

“Perhaps in post-pandemic years, the virtual option might remain as a hybrid meeting to continue to expand our reach and impact,” says Dr. Humphreys, chief, WashU Nephrology.

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