NephMadness 2018 Champion is a Real PRO

The final matchup of NephMadness 2018 between Patient-Reported Outcomes and The Untransplantables has been decided. The AJKD Blog blue ribbon panel, in a 6:3 decision, chose Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) as the winner, which was also the crowd favorite.

Dr. Tim Yau, Assistant Professor of Medicine in Nephrology, is the Social Media Editor at AJKD, and one of the game organizers for NephMadness 2018. He interviewed several prominent nephrology experts representing the leadership of two major nephrology organizations and two major nephrology journals to get their picks for NephMadness champion.

Drs. Raj Mehrotra and Harold Feldman, chief editors of CJASN and AJKD, respectively, and Drs. Holly Kramer and Mark Okusa, presidents of NKF and ASN, respectively, explained their NephMadness picks for 2018 champion. While all presented compelling arguments for their individual champion, Dr. Mehrotra felt that patient-reported outcomes was the most important concept of the year, and correctly predicted this as the champion!

Dr. Mehrotra states, “We have been focused on the esoteric more than what is meaningful to the patient … we, as nephrologists, are finally hearing their voices.” Much of his research focuses on patient outcomes in end-stage kidney disease patients such as depression, itching, fatigue, and insomnia. Watch Dr. Yau’s interview here.

This year, NephMadness continued its growth with a record 989 bracket submissions and more than 1,000 participants on Twitter. Another major highlight of NephMadness 2018 was the participation of various fellowship programs. Check out a compilation of #NephMadness fellowship entries, including Wash U fellows here!